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R-stud is made up of experts in the building industry, PhDs, engineers, experienced professional executives and business managers.

Embodied Carbon – R-stud has 41% less embodied carbon than wall assemblies using standard st steel studs.

Sound Attenuation – R-stud reduces sound transfer by over 50% resulting in increased privacy
Thermal Performance – R-stud’s slotted steel framing studs reduces thermal transfer by 40% resulting in reduced operational carbon
Structural Strength – R-stud is stronger, allowing for the use of lighter gauge steel and reducing cost of framing.
  • Nine inch opening every foot with dual flange for increased strength

  • 40% reduction in thermal bridging

  • Sound transfer only happens here

  • Certified 2018 IBC Compliant

Higher Limiting Wall Height

The R-stud’s design allows builders to deliver higher walls with less material and less deflection. The supplemental flanges every foot increase the strength. A 3 5/8″ 20-gauge R-stud, 24” O.C. has a limiting wall height of 19.64 vs. a 20-gauge SSMA, 16” O.C. which only has an 18.11’ wall height limit. R-stud delivers higher limiting wall height with fewer studs.

Sound Transmission

Acoustical tests prove R-stud’s performance to be significantly higher than generic steel studs. R-stud can achieve a 50 Sound Transmission Class (STC) with just one layer of 5/8 inch Type X gypsum on each side, beating generic steel studs by 22 percent

Thermal Performance

Not only does the R-stud outperform the generic steel stud on sound transmission, it also excels at thermal performance. The R-stud allows for 40% less thermal transfer than from a generic steel stud. With more emphasis being placed on building performance, Our slotted steel studs provides better R value than its competitors.

Cost Savings

R-stud design allows for up to 30 percent savings in labour and materials over a generic steel framing stud. R-stud delivers savings by producing superior strength with 18% less raw material, supplemental flanges and larger openings/portals allow for faster install of utilities that bring down labour costs, and the need to only use one layer of gypsum and still deliver a 50 STC rating