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R-stud is a product of R-stud, LLC . R-stud prides itself on being MADE IN USA using only US produced steel. The company is made up of experts in the building industry, Ph.D’s engineers and professional business managers. This unique team ensures that R-stud LLC continues to deliver products that outperform other steel framing studs



R-stud is made up of experts in the building industry, PhDs, engineers, experienced professional executives and business managers.

Embodied Carbon – R-stud has 41% less embodied carbon than wall assemblies using standard ststeel studs.

Sound Attenuation – R-stud reduces sound transfer by over 50% resulting in increased privacy
Thermal Performance – R-stud reduces thermal transfer by 40% resulting in reduced operational carbon
Structural Strength – R-stud is stronger, allowing for the use of lighter gauge steel and reducing cost of framing.


Patrick Lucas ceo

Patrick Lucas brings more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry. Lucas specializes in all the aspects of real estate development, including land acquisition, land use approvals, financing, arranging civil and structural engineering, architectural, envelope consultants, construction contracts, construction management, tenant improvements, and marketing of the projects.

Dave Sommer Envelope/Architectural Consultant

Dave Sommer has 30 years in the construction industry. Having founded Interra Enterprises, Inc in 2004, Dave’s success in promoting innovative architectural products and systems through commercial specifications has earned him the respect of architects, spec writers and building envelope consultants. Dave has been a member of CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) and served as Vice President of the Seattle Chapter. Dave is also a long-standing member of SeaBEC (Seattle Building Enclosure Council).

Michelle McClure Sieving Senior Advisor -Sustainability

Michelle Sieving, with a legal background, brings almost two decades of extensive and diverse construction industry experience involving representation of clients in building construction defect litigation. This includes interaction with and/or advising global manufacturing companies, developers, boards of directors, design professionals, materials scientists, and building envelope consultants in large, mid and high-rise complex construction projects.

Dr. Dennis Edmondson, P.E. PhD, engineer (inventor)

Dr. Dennis Edmondson holds dual PhD’s in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington Schools of Engineering. Edmondson has been an intricate individual on projects such as US military bombers, ships, subs, the Space Shuttle as well as components for pre-engineered buildings.